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#healthyholidays 3 simple steps

So it has been approximately 55 hours since the dawn of Thanksgiving 2014 and I am sure many of you are already lying in bed wondering why you ate and drank so much!?
Don’t fret! The holiday season is upon you and you still have time to have a healthy holiday season. The secret is “DON’T LOOK BACK!!” What’s done is done but you still have time and LOTS of it:
32 days (768 hours) or approximately 9% of the year left!
NOT to mention THE REST of your life!
SO, don’t throw in the towel.

Try these 3 simple steps to help you enjoy the season. If they work for you they just may change your life!

#1. “One and Done”
When tempted by a new food or drink, ask yourself if it tastes as good as your ALL TIME favorite treat? If the answer is NO, don’t take another bit/sip. Every calorie counts and you are worth saving them for those foods you really charish! If none of the foods stack up to your favorites, seek out the simple veggie trays; salads without dressing and nuts (most holidays are not complete without a bowl of plain nuts lying around). These foods will keep you full and healthy!
As a courtesy, always try to have these at your parties and don’t be offended if those are the only things that move! We all have different tastes and mixed with a little vino or a cocktail those buds get all twisted up anyway!!

#2. “Before-During-After”
Drink water before-during-after an event! This one sounds old but has NEVER been more IN VOGUE!
For most of us it is natural to study for a test before we take it or save money for a big purchase before we make it! Well, preparing for a party is just as important! Not only will hydrating yourself keep you alert, curb your appetite, and keep your system running its best, it will also help your skin look as radiant and healthy as possible! After all you never know who you will meet at these things!!

If your hosting, consider setting up a sexy water station. Set out fun cocktail glasses, fruit slices, an array of sparkling waters and/or an ice cold pitcher or dispenser of water with whole cranberries in it! For an added touch set a battery operated candle behind the glass and it doubles as another decoration!

#3. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
It works on your “X” and it can work here too! Stay away from the food and drink at an event! Simple but true! Research shows that the old “out of sight, out of mind” saying is more than just a theory! You WILL eat/drink less if the “temptation” is in sight but across the room and even less if it is in the room and out of sight!! TRUE STORY!
So, try to position yourself away from the foods you deemed worthy or unworthy in trick #1. Because remember, you have to master #1 before you can allow yourself to be around your “non-worthy foods” either. Otherwise, you will wind up eating foods you didn’t even really enjoy! Funny how research really says it like it is!

Let me know if you have any questions!

For your platinum health,

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Amazing visit back to the University of Illinois!!

Ben and I had an amazing visit to U of I today and had the great pleasure to speak to current food science students! We both got a chance to reflect on what an excellent experience we had while on campus and how those experience have helped shape the passions we have and skills to follow our aspirations.
We wish the students all the best and know that great things are in store for them!
For your platinum health,